Infant Baptism: 5 Reasons to Baptize Your Baby Even If You Are Not Religious


The percentage of those claiming spirituality over a certain religion rose from 19 percent in 2012 to 27 percent in 2017.  

Are you part of that growing percentage of Americans who claim to be spiritual, but not religious?

You now have a new baby in your life. That changes the way you think about everything.

So…even if you are not religious, it might be a good idea to have your baby baptized. It may keep peace with the grandparents and set your child on the right path. Learn more about infant baptism here. 

Infant Baptism in the Bible

Even if you are not particularly religious, you may be asking yourself, “What does the Bible say about infant baptism?” 

In Acts 2:38-41, baptism is referred to as a public testimony of a new believer’s faith in Christ and the church’s recognition of that faith. 

It is also believed that original sin is forgiven and there is a cleansing that comes with a baby getting baptized. 

Why Should You Consider Baby Baptism?

1. Gifting Your Child With Godparents

Think about the special people in your life. I bet godparents are high on the list.

The two people your parents chose to be spiritual guides in your life are probably much more than that. Godparents are the two people with whom your child will have a special lifelong relationship. 

2. A Nice Way to Celebrate Your Baby

What’s a better way to get your family and friends together to meet your baby? A baptism will bring them all together to celebrate your baby. 

Send out baptism invitations to make it official and follow the baptism with a reception. All the people you love meeting the love of your life…Can it get any better? 

3. Gives Your Child a Spiritual Foundation

By baptizing your children, you are giving them the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will work through your children as they grow and bless them with moral virtues. 

Even if your children decide to choose their own religious path, they will have this foundation. 

4. No Sin Can Erase The Spiritual Mark of Baptism

Even if you are not practicing any certain religion, thinking about what will happen to your baby after he or she dies, must weigh on your mind. 

Baptism seals the baby with a spiritual mark that no sin can erase. This is pretty special and part of a person’s salvation. 

So, even if organized religion isn’t for you, you are giving your child an incredible gift. 

5. You May End Up on a Spiritual Journey

Your baby getting baptized might take you on a journey to fulfill something that is missing in your life. 

As you familiarize yourself with the meaning of baptism and consider why you are doing it, you may realize that you need some religion in your life. It could be the missing piece. 

The Choices We Make

Do you think about the impact of the choices you make? Is infant baptism the right choice?

Should you get out of your comfort zone? How can you make positive changes in your life?

Visit us if you need advice and help with making the right choices for you.