How to Practice Mindfulness: The Ultimate Guide

The Association of Psychological Science describes “mindfulness” as “the non-judge mental awareness of experiences in the present moment.” Mindfulness is a meditation form that calls you to pay attention to the “now” of your life and focus on what you were experiencing in the present moment like the flow or speed of your breathing. The biggest characteristic that distinguishes mindfulness meditation from the other meditation forms is its emphasis on paying attention to the current moment. The human brain naturally

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Self Discovery

Starting a journey of self discovery can be tough for people. It is the art of finding themselves and growing while balancing obligations to the outside world. Nowadays it can be easy for them to lose themselves in outside distractions like television and pop culture. The world has become a place of distraction and chaos. Self-growth is vital to becoming the best version of oneself that a person can be. It is introspection and humility mixed with hard work and

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