How to Practice Mindfulness: The Ultimate Guide

The Association of Psychological Science describes “mindfulness” as “the non-judge mental awareness of experiences in the present moment.” Mindfulness is a meditation form that calls you to pay attention to the “now” of your life and focus on what you were experiencing in the present moment like the flow or speed of your breathing. The biggest characteristic that distinguishes mindfulness meditation from the other meditation forms is its emphasis on paying attention to the current moment. The human brain naturally

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How to Start Meditating: Everything You Need to Know

Sometimes its all too much. We all have those moments where things just feel overwhelming. Meditation can help alleviate these feelings, and with a regular practice can even help decrease the likelihood of negative emotions showing up in the first place. However, we do not always have the time to set aside for a comfortable meditation session. This is especially true when the need for calm is immediate. When stress or anxiety show up unannounced, we need something in our

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Why Do People Meditate?

Why do people meditate? When you watch someone sitting perfectly still, focusing on clearing their mind completely, it can seem strange. Why would anyone commit to such a seemingly boring or fruitless practice? However, meditation has many proven benefits. The 18 million U.S. adults who engage in the practice aren’t wrong. There are meditations for health, mindfulness, focus, and more. Which one will you try? In this guide, we’ll thoroughly go over all the benefits of meditation, so you’ll no

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