10 Inspirational TV Shows That Will Inspire Self Improvement


You’re not a freak for spending hours at a time binge-watching the latest season of Game of Thrones. In fact, as the show is gearing up to run its final season, you’d be weird if you weren’t catching up right now. But, blockbuster shows like that may not be the best if you want to improve yourself.

There are inspirational TV shows airing right now that can help you confront problems you may face in your life right now. Television is an artistic medium, and like any art, it’s meant to remind you that you aren’t alone. Through TV, people can see more than just epic battle scenes between ancient houses and white walkers.

They can watch people like them grow and develop. Through TV, people can learn they have the power to improve themselves and become the people they want to be. Binge watching may actually improve your outlook on who you think you are, and it may improve your mood as a result.

The important part is making sure you watch TV shows which inspire self-improvement. Sorry, but Game of Thrones may not make the cut. Keep reading below for some other shows that may help you focus on improving yourself!

1. A Pair of Queer Eyes Can Help Straight Guys

While the show “Queer Eye” originally premiered back in 2003 and ended by 2007, it made an epic return on Netflix in 2018. Even though the story behind the show is inspiring, it also features powerful themes of unity and empathy.

The team is made up of members of the LGBTQ community. They all use their skills in traditionally effeminate fields to improve people’s lives. Episodes usually have the Fab Five remodeling homes and wardrobes to give people a new outlook on themselves.

2. You’re Not A Loser For Watching “The Biggest Loser”

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. But managing to actually burn off an extra 10 or 20 pounds can seem impossible. Yet, shows like “The Biggest Loser” shows there is always hope when it comes to weight loss.

The show charts the journies of obese people as they lose hundreds of pounds. And watching these people succeed at their weight loss endeavors will convince anyone they can succeed, too.

3. The Undead Are Full of Life in “Zombie Land Saga”

Anime has gotten a bad rap since most of its fans can be a strange kind of people. But the genre has gems like “Zombie Land Saga”. The show follows a group of resurrected zombies as they try to save their hometown by becoming pop stars.

It features chicken onesies, a trans pop star, and even a zombie dog.

The premise is a bit outlandish, but the show illustrates how people form strong relationships with each other. Each trial the zombies face brings them closer together, and they support each other through everything. It’ll inspire you to be the best person you can be and to help everyone else do the same.

4. “Shark Tank” Is One of The Most Inspirational TV Shows For Achieving Your Dreams

“Shark Tank” is one of those shows everyone knows about. The format is simple: a person pitches potential investors on a business idea they have. Then, the investors decide whether or not to invest while the audience gawks at the ideas.

The thing is, contestants genuinely believe in the things they’re selling. They show viewers that no matter how insane an idea may be, someone may invest in it. And you shouldn’t ever give up on it.

5. Believe This Is The Start of Something Beautiful With “This Is Us”

It can be hard to believe there is beauty in the world while watching the news. But flip the channel to “This is Us”, and you’ll be confronted with family, individuality, and acceptance. The show reveals there is beauty in the world as long as you accept that there is, no matter how bittersweet it may be.

6. Explore Intersectionality and Friendship Like A City, in “Atlanta”

Donald Glover’s surrealist comedy, “Atlanta” has more dramatic elements than any other of its genre. That may be why it earned multiple awards – but it may also be the cast of brilliant writers and actors.

The show illustrates a rap artist’s rise out of the hood, into wealth and fame. Along the way through, they face obstacles ranging from discrimination to desperation.

And in the end, the show proves that success is more than just luck: it’s work. A lot of it.

7. “Bojack Horseman” Demonstrates the Importance of Self-Love

While the show may be a Netflix series, meaning it can only be streamed, it’s worth watching. It follows former star Bojack Horseman as he struggles to find happiness almost 30 years after his sitcom is canceled. More than a series illustrating the trappings of fame, the show documents the importance of self-love.

It’s only by loving himself and by accepting all his faults for what they are that Bojack redeems himself. His journey from a loathsome Hollywood washup to a genuinely caring person is relevant to everyone. Even if you’re not a horse-man.

8. “The Leftovers” is a Guide to Loving Others

While the show may not have been as widely acclaimed while it was running as other HBO shows, “The Leftovers” is a spiritual classic. After 2% of the world’s population suddenly disappears, the leftover people must grapple with a spiritual crisis.

In the midst of this worldwide turbulence, the characters learn what it means to be abandoned by more than just people. But they also learn what it means to have each other. After what seems like the Rapture, the people in the show learn how to love – and they show viewers how to do it, too.

9. Better Bet on the Underdog, and “Better Call Saul” Shows Us Why

The spiritual successor to “Breaking Bad”, the series, “Better Call Saul” shows a different kind of character. Unlike “Breaking Bad’s” Walter White becoming a monster, Saul Goodman reveals the value of perseverance to audiences. He fails, and always picks himself up.

He can’t seem to make things work as a lawyer but he also refuses to give up. The show charts Goodman’s work to belong in the elite, legal world. Each season shows that people belong anywhere they want to if they just keep trying.

10. You’re Not Paranoid: “Mr. Robot” Shows The Importance of Self-Security

In a world of rampant privacy concerns and hackers, it’s good to have a show telling people how to fight back. At the very least, “Mr. Robot” shows viewers the importance of securing themselves and their data.

And luckily, is still a little less dystopian than the show. People can improve their security by using password managers or two-factor authentication. People can also install CCTV cameras with companies like Digital Aerial to protect their property.

Self Improvement Doesn’t Just Mean Watching TV

Of course, you won’t improve yourself just by watching TV. These inspirational TV shows are best thought of as guidebooks to improve your overall character. They show you the steps you have to take to improve, but they can’t do it for you.

Improvement takes work, and it can require a lot of information. It also takes comfort – self-improvement is intimidating, so people usually search for comfort from people undergoing similar changes.

Keep reading here, and you’ll find both information and comfort. We are always here for you, and will always stay updated to bring you the most inspirational content!