5 Incredible Ways to Raise A Confident Child

confident child

As parents, we’re always wondering if we’re raising our kids the right way. We want them to be successful, independent, and resilient, but at the same time, we want to protect them from disappointment and harm.

Sheltering the child from an early age without letting it explore new things and learn from its failures can lead to shyness and feelings of incompetence later in life. We have to let go of control and let them handle situations on their own and only meddle when it’s truly necessary.

Below we break down 5 incredible ways to raise a confident child and give them a solid foundation to thrive in all areas of their life.

1. Lead By Example

Wondering how to build confidence in your child? Lead by example. Children learn by observing and how you behave will influence the child’s understanding of the world around it.

If you don’t love and praise yourself for your accomplishments, your child will think that’s the only way. Do some inner work of your own so you can transfer this knowledge to your kids.

2. Teach Them Positive Self-Talk

Want to find out how to instill confidence in your child? Teach them positive self-talk. If you criticize the child, it’ll learn to feel incompetent and not good enough, and before you know it, they’ll stop trying.

If you talk to them in a supportive, loving manner, this will become the voice they turn to for guidance in the future.

3. Help Them Experience Their Emotions

Children are a ball of different emotions and they’re not afraid to express them. However, as they grow up, parents, society and their peers teach them not to.

Emotions can only be expressed or suppressed. Teaching kids confidence has to do with helping them understand the feeling and experience it fully. Talk to them about it and teach them not to dwell on negative emotions too much.

4. Let Go Of Control

As parents, it’s our job to be there for our kids in all kinds of situations. We want to protect them from bad things, but we should also let go of control. This will help them rely on their own strength later in life when we’re not around.

The foundation of raising confident child is to let the child make age-appropriate decisions on their own. You can send them to an early learning centre where they’ll develop these skills through play and social interaction.

5. Praise Them For A Job Well Done

If you want to see how building confidence in child works, offer an explanation for the praise. For example, don’t just say “well done”, but tell the child why it did a great job.

This will help them identify their strengths and make it easier for them to develop a sense of accomplishment in the future.

You Can Raise A Confident Child With These Tips!

Being a parent is the hardest, but most rewarding job in the world and raising a confident child is a challenge on its own.

Giving children the freedom to express their feelings, solve their own problems, and listen to praise where it’s due will help them build a solid system of self-support.

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