A Step-By-Step Guide to Self Discovery

self discovery

Starting a journey of self discovery can be tough for people. It is the art of finding themselves and growing while balancing obligations to the outside world.

Nowadays it can be easy for them to lose themselves in outside distractions like television and pop culture. The world has become a place of distraction and chaos.

Self-growth is vital to becoming the best version of oneself that a person can be. It is introspection and humility mixed with hard work and honesty.

But how exactly does a person start the journey? It can seem overwhelming and confusing, but it is actually fairly simple. People just tend to overcomplicate things in their head.

By reading this article, the person has actually already taken the first step to finding themselves.

Let’s talk about that.

The Art of Self Discovery

To truly find oneself, there are a lot of layers to peel off. Everyone wears masks- the first is shown to the outside world, the second to close friends and family, and the third is only for them.

To get behind these masks, the person must ask themselves a few simple questions:

  • Who do they think they are as a person?
  • Who do they want to be as a person?
  • Do they think the two people match up?
  • What are they willing to do to change?

In societies like the current one, it is easy to slip into a state of comfort and become resistant to change. The whole point of self-development and growth is to change in order to grow.

The society built around people nowadays is the antithesis of self-discovery. In order to find oneself, a person has to stay focused within, not on the outside world.

Obviously, there are life responsibilities that need to be tended to. This is not to say that those obligations are not important. But there is a way to manage both.

It all starts with finding time in one’s schedule to spend time with oneself only.

Looking Within

A lot of the struggle in self-searching can come from past emotional blockages. Fear based on past experiences or even traumatic past experiences can stunt emotional growth to a severe degree.

Getting a therapist or other sort of counselor can provide a person with a space to explore all of their past without it leaking into their everyday life. It is a place to untangle internal fear and chaos to reveal underlying feelings and thoughts.

In order to grow, one must face their inner demons head on. The world is full of people who stuff all of their fears and discomfort with self-indulgence. This leads to a build-up of internalized sadness and self-loathing.

It may be uncomfortable to face one’s demons head-on, but it is vital to do so in order to clear up the channels within.

The next important step is to do an honest self-analysis. Recognizing one’s strengths and defects and listing them can be a way to make a concise list of things to work on and things to enhance.

It is important during this part of the process not to wander off in thought and get consumed by self-loathing and shame. That is not only yet another distraction, but it is in fact regression.

But one has to take care not to get discouraged. This is a process, and there will always be two steps forward and occasionally one step back.

Self-forgiveness is a major part of this process.

Finding Self-Worth

The next step is to find one’s core values. Where do a person’s moral boundaries lie?

It is important to clarify personal boundaries so that when one is in social situations, they can stay true to themselves no matter what.

There are many things one can hold dear- family, friends, business- prioritizing them can set boundaries clear.

In order to figure all of this out, one must spend time alone in reflection. Journaling can be another way to track reactions and feelings throughout the day, which can provide further insight into patterns one may have in public settings.

The key is to notice without judgment, which can take time. The goal is to eventually be able to notice when one is acting out of a character defect at the moment and shift to acting out of character assets.

Another key is finding a hobby or a passion. When a person finds an activity that they enjoy doing on their own, they are able to spend pleasurable time alone and bond with themselves.

Bonding with oneself is vital to learning about oneself, much like a new friend. If a person isn’t sure what they would enjoy, they can try anything and everything they want and if they find something they enjoy stick with it.

The more time a person spends with themselves the more they can feel comfortable in their skin. In a society plagued by insecurity, it is vital to regaining a sense of self.

Continuing The Journey

The journey of self-discovery is never over. It is a lifelong process of growth and change. It’s like a muscle- the more it is worked out by practicing spending time with oneself and engaging in growth exercises, the stronger it gets.

When one starts to discover themselves, amazing changes start to happen. The world becomes less of a burden and starts to look more like a place filled with opportunity and possibility.

One gets a new sense of self-worth and self-esteem. People will start to look to them for advice because they have a sense of inner confidence that most people don’t have.

Achieving one’s goals become more possible when one is in tune with themselves and their assets. Self-searching is an incredible tool for every aspect of one’s life.

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