The Ultimate Guide to Zen Decor for a Happy and Peaceful Home

zen decor

Ever walked into a room and felt immediately calmer? That’s the idea behind zen decor.

The use of light colors, negative space and natural materials makes people feel at ease. It’s like the minimalist style of decor, but with a little more character. Interested but don’t know how to make it your own?

Read on below.

Trash Ten Things

When have you ever walked into a calm and zen room that was full of clutter? It just doesn’t happen. Clutter makes the room the opposite of zen.

But clutter isn’t just paper or what you put in your junk drawers. It could be anything that doesn’t belong in a room.

Are you kids storing their toys in your bedroom and you’re too tired to move them? Get them out of there!

Get rid of, donate, or find another place for ten things that are in your not-yet-zen room. If it helps, count out loud or put them all in a box.

You’ll be surprised how fast you can go!

Get More Light

How can you maximize the natural light in your room? The zen-est of rooms depending on natural light, with electrical lighting as a supplement.

Do you have furniture covering up parts of a window? Move them! It’s better for the feng shui of the room anyways.

You’d be surprised how much sun even six inches of a sofa can block.

If you want to add a window covering, go with something sheer. It’ll give the room an airy feel but won’t block any light.

If you’re looking for a new place, make sure it has good natural light. Don’t have a clue about the real estate market? Get more info here.

Make it Natural

Another way to make the room feel calm and zen is to use earth-friendly materials. Jute rugs give your room a centering and earthy feel. However, they’re not super bare feet friendly.

If you don’t mind the feeling on your bare feet, spring for a whole-room size rug. It’ll give the room a very natural feel.

If you don’t like the feeling of jute or sisal rugs, you can get tightly woven fabric rugs with the same feel.


The more storage you have that you can close the door on, the better. IKEA has a lot of great options that look sleek but hold a good amount of storage.

Don’t be afraid to use “kitchen” cabinets in a non-kitchen room.

If you like the look, check out their handle free options. Instead of pulling them open, you push at the corner and they open by tension.

That lack of hardware really adds to the continuity of the room.

Creative Storage Options

If you can’t install cabinets, add storage in places you wouldn’t normally use.

Add some tubs under the bed and add an airy bed skirt. Have built-in shelves in your closet up high? Use some plastic drawers to use up that unused space.

Zen Decor Tips

When it comes to the best and easiest zen decor, less is more. Other than rhyming, that’s the best advice we can give.

Zen rooms know how to use negative space and create a sense of calm through their lack of clutter. Keep it clean and light and you’ll be good to go!

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