Need an Excuse to Go Camping? Here are 8 of the Best Benefits of Being in Nature

benefits of being in nature

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors?

Have you been wanting to get away to the great outdoors for some fun and relaxation?

Obviously, you know that camping is fun, but did you know it’s also good for you? Check out these eight awesome benefits of being in nature that will make you want to grab your tent and go.

1. Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is something that affects many people. It can be a result of different things such as depression, cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders. Sun exposure is a great way to reduce inflammation. You’ll get an added bonus if you spend your outdoor time being active.

2. Decrease Depression and Anxiety

Did you know that there are psychological benefits of the outdoors? Research shows a high connection between spending time outdoors and the reduction of depression and anxiety.

Fishing, taking a canoe down the river, or just relaxing outdoors can help calm your mind and decrease your anxiety. Getting in touch with nature and unplugging from the daily grind can give us a sense of clarity. Our daily lives may be full of stressors that we can relieve by getting outside.

The extra vitamin D that we get from the sunshine is great for mood enhancement. There is definitely a positive correlation with being outdoors and mental health enhancement.

3. Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Whether you’re sleeping under the stars, in a camper, or in a cozy cabin, you will still receive the incredible health benefits of being outdoors. The fun activities of the day are sure to have you sleeping like a baby.

Some other advantages of sleeping in the great outdoors:

  • reduce inflammation as a result of your beauty sleep
  • improve sleep cycles (even after you’re home from vacation)
  • increase melatonin

Giving yourself a break from the artificial light that you’re exposed to daily can benefit you on your getaway and even after.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

About 1 in 3 adults are affected by high blood pressure. Enjoying the outdoors lowers stress and can have a great effect on blood pressure. Taking a nature walk can lower both blood pressure and pulse rate.

5. Possible Cancer Prevention

Early studies show that spending time outdoors may increase the production of anti-cancer proteins. These level boosts may even last up to a week after exposure from forest bathing. Forest bathing is simply going into nature and spending more time than usual soaking up the surroundings.

6. Immune System Boost

Spending time outdoors is great for your health. It can relax the body and reduce disease. When you spend time outdoors, you are exposed to phytoncides. Phytoncides are chemicals produced by plants. When you breathe in these airborne chemicals, you increase your level of white blood cells. This can help boost your immune system.

The exposure to vitamin D isn’t just for your mood. It can also benefit your immune system. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to several health problems, so it’s important to soak up some sun regularly. Even ten minutes a day can lead to incredible health and wellness benefits.

7. Improve Focus

Do you ever experience brain fog and inability to focus? Being outdoors can help improve your focus so you can think more clearly. This can be taking a simple walk on your lunch break at work or spending a Saturday afternoon hiking in the nearby woods.

Being away from the noises of everyday life and spending time in the silence of nature will help you focus better when you return to your normal routine. You’ll be much more productive at home and at work.

8. Lower Stress Levels

As mentioned before, it’s not uncommon for us to be stressed out with our day to day schedules and routines. Another one of the benefits of being outside is that it lowers our levels of cortisol.

Being outdoors removes you from work, traffic, and the constant pings from new emails. Allowing the peace and quiet is great for our emotional and psychological well-being.

Cortisol is the stress hormone that’s released by the adrenal glands. When we have high levels of stress and therefore high levels of cortisol, it can really hurt our health. Getting outside and enjoying nature is a great way to lower stress levels.

Ways to Reap the Benefits of Nature

There are many ways that you can reap the benefits of nature. You can take a lunchtime walk. If you live near a park, you could take the family out for a walk after dinner.

If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors, consider going camping. Rent a camper and visit the nearest state park. You can get a tent and sleep under the stars. Taking hikes in the woods is a great way to experience the health benefits of the great outdoors.

Why not take your workout outside? Go for a run or practice yoga in the park or your backyard. We all know there are multiple health benefits to be active like disease reduction, mood improvement, and stress reduction. Why not increase those benefits by being active outside instead of the local fitness center.

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Take Advantage of All the Benefits of Being in Nature

Enjoying the great outdoors is good for your mind, body, and soul. Get outside and enjoy all the benefits of being in nature. Whether you take a thirty-minute walk or spend a weekend under the stars, you will reap all the benefits that nature has to offer.

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