Prepare for Change: 5 Crucial Things to Expect When Checking into a Rehab Center

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The Roman philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca once said: “We suffer more often in our imagination than in reality.”¬†That was back in 65 AD, which goes to show that humans have a long-standing habit of making things out to be worse than they are.

It’s well-known that anticipation can be worse than an ordeal itself. As addicts and alcoholics, there’s a tendency to blow things even more out of proportion.

Renowned speaker Leo F. Buscaglia, aka Dr. Love, has this to say about worry:¬†“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” By the time you’re ready for rehab, many todays have already been sapped of joy. This is actually good news, as it means there’s nothing left to lose.

One of the oldest forms of fear is the fear of the unknown. To help fill in the blank spots, here’s what happens in a rehab center on a typical day to help ease your concerns!

What Happens In A Rehab Center

Rehabilitation thrives on routine. While there will be daily variations, of course, here’s a pretty good overview to help you to know what to expect on an average day in a rehab center.

Wake Up!

Waking up early is pretty bizarre after years of substance abuse. It’s an easy way to start your day productively.

Following natural circadian rhythms will help restore your body to health. Once your body is healthy, your mind and heart will follow suit!


Eating in the mornings also feels unique, at first, after ignoring our bodies’ needs for so long. It’ll help even out your emotions, however, and give you fuel for the recovery to come!

Early Meetings

12-step recovery programs emphasize turning your thoughts towards sobriety as early in the day as possible, feeling gratitude for your sobriety and the chance to actually show up and participate in your life.

Early recovery meetings make that unavoidable.

Lunch & Afternoon Therapy

Following a healthy lunch, the real work begins in earnest. Think of the morning meetings as your daily affirmations, keeping you on the road to recovery. Afternoon therapy tends to be much more involved and down-to-earth, however. You’ll not only tackle your addictive behavior but its root causes as well.

Think of afternoon therapy as strength training for your new life.

Free Time

It’s unbelievable what a difference a little time for quiet contemplation and doing what you feel like doing can make. The fact that free time and quiet are so sparse in today’s world no doubt is a factor in why many of us drink and do drugs in the first place.

Taking the time to get to know yourself is one of the most important pieces of how rehab works. It’s where you’ll develop the skills you need to live a joyous, free life outside of the rehab center.

12-Step Meetings & Lights Out!

When you’re striking out into unfamiliar territory, a map can make all the difference. Think of 12-step groups as a detailed map from those who’ve walked the path of recovery before you.

While there’s no downplaying the role of talk therapy and introspection in getting and staying sober, having a solid plan of action to follow is essential.

After it’s all said and done, you’ll wind down the day. You’ll feel tired, no doubt, but also invigorated. Finally, you are living life instead of letting it pass you by!

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The road to becoming your best self can be long. It’s also the most rewarding journey you can take. A professional rehab center helps direct you along the path to recovery. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is living your best life as your most authentic self.

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