The Best Feel-Good TV Shows You Should Start Binge-Watching

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We can all agree Americans watch a lot of TV. Netflix, Hulu, and cable cater to everyone’s viewing habits. They make it easy to find great shows with only a few clicks.

Experts agree, though, that negative TV shows have adverse effects on your mood. TV can impact your mood, for good or bad. That’s why adding uplifting shows to your watchlist is a great idea. Here are some examples of feel-good TV shows you can put in your queue.

Feel-good TV Shows for Everyone to Enjoy

Whether for family movie night, or a solo pick-me-up, happy TV shows are a must.

1. The Good Place

What could lift someone’s mood better than sunshine, rainbows, and the pearly gates? The Good Place is a comedic story about a woman who ends up in Heaven. The problem is, she knows she doesn’t belong there.

This show is about accepting the fact that no one is perfect. Kristin Bell’s character has to acknowledge her past mistakes. Embracing mistakes is a subject we can all stand to hear in a light-hearted way.

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Sometimes, throwback shows are exactly what everyone needs. They bring you back to a simpler time and make you think about the good ‘ol days.

FRIENDS is full of messages about friendship and love that resonate through the ages. Their jokes are corny, but that’s what makes us love them all the more. When you’re feeling down, meet your friends at Central Perk. They’re always waiting.

3. The Great British Bake-Off

Everyone is familiar with the every growing number of cooking competitions on TV. It’s taken reality television to the next level.

Though, The Great British Bake-Off is unlike any you’ve seen before. With B-roll of British countrysides and lovely contestants, this show is a must watch. It displays the warmth of baking, unlike other cooking competitions.

4. This Is Us

When you watch TV, you want it to transport you from reality. You want to forget the real world exists. Sometimes, that can leave out some of the most inspirational shows.

This Is Us has swept the nation by introducing us to the heartwarming Pearson family. It’s been quite a while since a group of writers has been able to make so many fall in love with everyday life. It’s about the beauty of life’s ups and downs, and it shows us what to do with the lemon’s thrown our way.

5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Have you been looking for feel-good shows on Netflix? Look no further. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is about to be your new favorite.

Following her years as a captive underground, Kimmy learns how to live in the world as an adult. She’s socially awkward but has a huge heart. We could all learn how to live with child-like wonder like Kimmy.

More Uplifting Topics

Today, negativity is around every corner. If you experience it every day, why do you want to see it on TV? Feel-good TV shows are a great way to escape the mad world we live in and relax with inspiring messages.

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