Stressed Out?: The Top 8 Health Benefits of Being Organized

When you look around your space, what do you feel? Likely, the nagging feeling that you need to clean up. And that you really don’t want to.

But, you should.

Being organized in your space and mind has serious benefits for your health. It seems silly, but the way you feel in your environment impacts your physical health.

If you’re still not motivated to get your life in order, keep reading. Here are 8 huge health benefits of being organized.

1. Decreases Stress

Many of us have unfinished to-do lists stuck to the fridge. You may look around and see DIY projects you never completed or half-attempts at cleaning.

You need to either cross off the to-dos or get rid of the list. Having an organized living space decreases stress levels.

Take a Sunday afternoon to rewrite your to-do list with things you can do that day. Putting too many tasks on it gets overwhelming which is not how organization should feel.

Your list should start with decluttering your space and cleaning. Make it an organized, planned, and comfortable space to spend time.

2. Inspires Better Eating Habits

When feeling stressed from our environment, we go into coping mode. Instead of making calculated and planned decisions, we choose the easiest option.

This means we choose fast food and junk over making a healthy salad.

Getting organized prepares you for moments of stress to ensure your diet doesn’t take the brunt. Try meal prepping healthy lunches once a week.

When Monday’s meeting gets you super stressed, you don’t have to stress more about what to eat. Your healthy option is there and ready to go.

3. Improves Your Relationships

Couples that live together have an extra hurdle in their relationship. Messy homes and clutter can put a wedge between partners.

The partner that’s organized might build resentment against the disorganized one. Both may feel uncomfortable having friends over because the clutter is embarrassing.

Likewise, if one partner isn’t organized with their time, they may double book or show up late often. This will also cause resentment to build and create a wedge.

Getting organized with your space and time benefits your relationship. You can spend less time arguing about the clutter, and more time doing things that make you happy.

4. Boosts Your Energy

Have you ever noticed how unmotivated you feel when your workspace is messy? It’s impossible to get work done when there’s garbage and papers covering your desk. For many, this exhaustion limits their productivity.

The less time you spend stressing about your mess, the more energy you have to put towards other things.

Before you attempt to work, clean up. Use labels for containers; click here for the best-certified mailing labels.

Declutter your desk and create a plan for the day. Get all your ducks in a row so you can focus on the task at hand.

5. Improves Your Sleep

Part of organization is categorization. This means putting items in the category, or room, they belong in. Many of us have items in our bedroom that don’t belong there and cause lack of sleep.

For example, having a TV or work desk in your bedroom is confusing the intention of that room. You need to get a deep and relaxing rest in your bed. How can you do that with work staring at you from one side and the TV another?

When you organize your bedroom and remove distractions, your sleep will improve.

6. Stronger Commitment to Working Out

Being organized strengthens your commitment to achieving your goals, like working out more. It makes sense; planning your time allows you to commit to workouts in advance.

Use a planner, digital or paper. Block out each hour of the day with a task or downtime.

Write down your goals for the week on a blank page. The act of writing goals out by hand reinforces our motivation to complete them. Then, after each workout, write down how you feel.

Planning and tracking your workouts make you more committed to doing them. You’ll be a regular gym shark once your organization is in place.

7. Reduces Depression

Did you know that 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression and/or anxiety? That’s a ton of people struggling to get through their day.

For many people with depression, there doesn’t seem to be a point to decluttering. When your outlook on life is negative, it’s hard to see the positive.

But, decluttering and organizing your space can kickstart a good mood swing. It also makes you feel prouder of your home and more open to having guests over. Your environment reflects your mental state.

8. Better Health Tracking

Part of getting healthy is staying on top of your medical check-ups. When was your last physical exam? When did you last get a teeth-cleaning?

Being organized allows you to keep track of upcoming and overdue doctor appointments. These appointments are crucial because early detection is key to treating many conditions.

It also allows you to make appointments for your mental health. Schedule in self-care activities or appointments with a therapist.

You can set alarms on your phone to notify you in six months or a year to make an appointment. But, this takes organization and commitment to planning. It may seem burdensome or tedious at first, but it will benefit your health.

Interested in More Benefits of Being Organized?

One of the biggest impacts you can make on your health is to get organized. It seems easier said than done, but with the right tips, you can do it.

The first step is to declutter, clean, and organize your home. This will boost mental and physical health as well as improve relationships.

The second step is to get planning. Use whatever planning method you like best and organize your time. By organizing your space and time, you decrease stress levels which is great for your health.

For more benefits of being organized and tips to help you get there, check out the Health and Wellness Blog.