Workplace Safety: How to Make Sure Your Employees Are Protected on the Construction Site

workplace safety

Did you know that one in ten construction workers are injured on the job every year?

No one wants to suffer an injury on the job, and it’s in employers’ best interests to look out for their workers’ safety. If you’re working on a construction site, we’ve got some workplace safety tips that you can’t afford to miss.

Provide Protective Gear

One of the most important ways to stay safe on a construction site is by being appropriately dressed. This doesn’t just mean steel-toed boots, however. Your employees need protective gear to properly exercise safety in the workplace.

Cut down on your chances of construction site accidents by providing your workers with protective eyewear, heavy gloves, and hard hats. Some workers might need back braces or lifting straps as well. Invest in work safety gear to stop accidents before they happen.

Mandate Appropriate Breaks

Workplace stress can be a cause of accidents, and you want to keep your workers happy and healthy. Make sure you are forcing workers to take frequent breaks, especially when crews are toiling away on hot summer days or in inclement weather conditions.

Long hours can trip up even the best foremen, so be sure to assign overtime only as needed. Staying alert and refreshed is the best workplace safety tip you can provide your crews — and you can assist with this by mandating rest.

Host Workplace Safety Meetings

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, requires that certain companies have periodic safety meetings. Even if your company isn’t required to have these meetings, workplace safety gatherings are a great way to instill confidence in your team and management.

If you’re using heavy equipment, it’s especially necessary to have safety meetings to review policies and procedures about lifts and vehicles. If you’re a company that does crane hire in Brisbane, your workers will need to know how to keep clients and your property safe.

When everyone understands the processes necessary for a safe construction site, you can save on the expense and stress of on the job injuries. Let your workers know that you value their health and that you have the expectation of best safety practices while on site.

Screen for Drugs and Alcohol

It seems like a no-brainer, but some employers don’t do drug and alcohol screens. It’s best to have a random screening policy, and let employees know during onboarding that you run a drug-free workplace.

Heavy alcohol use is rampant among construction workers, and illicit drug use is on the rise as well. Many construction workers will be injured at some point, and often take narcotic painkillers to return to work too quickly.

Safety in the workplace starts with an unimpaired workforce, so make sure your crews know you are serious about on-the-job sobriety.

Workplace Safety Saves Money

Following the safety tips above could save you money and stress. Keep on the lookout for other industry safety updates.

Make sure you provide a safe work environment. Proper training goes a long way in saving your company money and protecting your best investments — your employees!

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