How to Practice Mindfulness: The Ultimate Guide

The Association of Psychological Science describes “mindfulness” as “the non-judge mental awareness of experiences in the present moment.” Mindfulness is a meditation form that calls you to pay attention to the “now” of your life and focus on what you were experiencing in the present moment like the flow or speed of your breathing. The biggest characteristic that distinguishes mindfulness meditation from the other meditation forms is its emphasis on paying attention to the current moment. The human brain naturally

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6 Easy Ways You Can Practice Self Love

With 4 in 5 women suffering from low self-esteem, and men being not far behind, it can be hard to figure out how to get out of your rut. Even if you get out of a rut, without a method for staying out, you’re bound to be worrying about when you’ll end up stuck back in the rut again. Practicing self love needs to be a regular affair with clear goals and a set amount of time devoted to it.

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