5 Motivational Ted Talks That Will Light You Up

motivational ted talks

Inspirational and motivational content can have an impact on the listener. Sometimes motivational TED Talks can seem to have more of an effect than others.

If someone feels like they could use a boost, watching motivational videos is a great way to do so. The length of the video or podcast doesn’t matter. It’s the message they convey to the listener that counts.

Why Do People Love TED Talks?

TED has quite the audience. With more than 2,000 different talks, one can find motivational topics on anything. What exactly are TED Talks? They’re talks that give a powerful punch of knowledge and inspiration in a short time.

Why do people like them so much?

There are countless reasons for the draw in TED Talks. The fact that it’s free is only one of many excellent reasons. The sheer amount of knowledge one can gain from only one talk is another.

There is a TED Talk that can fit almost any situation and topic the listener needs. Not only are they perfect for individual viewing, but they also make for excellent group viewing. Often, they start conversations for people.

Each speaker has something unique and forward-thinking to bring to the table in each talk. They provide wisdom and thoughts to people around the world in concise presentations.

Hearing from and speaking to other’s gives people a chance to learn. TED is in the business of educating adults, leaving them with plenty to think about for days to come.

Some of the Most Motivational TED Talks

Knowing what TED Talks are doesn’t help if someone isn’t aware of the best talks to view. With so many different topics covered by the company, which ones are worth listening to first?

1. “How to Make Work-Life Balance Work”

Employees in the United States often seem to lack balance between home and the workplace. A majority of full-time employees only spend around 60 percent of their day at home.

So, it’s no surprise there would be a TED Talk about the intricacies of work-life balance. Speaker Nigel Marsh makes it clear in this talk the importance of a work-life balance.

It’s vital for mental health. And it’s even more critical that employees don’t leave it up to employers. An employee cannot expect an employer to think about the situation someone is in. While it would be good if it were possible, it rarely is.

By watching this talk, one can learn the most optimal ways to create space in their personal life. Creating mental schedules, and knowing what’s critical for each day, is a good start for anyone.

2. “Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid”

Personal first aid isn’t something most people think about. It’s not the in the forefront of the minds of those who are busiest. Yet, it’s something critical enough to warrant a TED Talk telling about its value.

In this talk, Guy Winch speaks of the importance of taking care of emotional health. He speaks about the reason’s everyone should take the time to heal their emotions. Not to mention psychological healing, as well. He also talks about the techniques everyone can use to bring about this healing.

As a psychologist, Winch has insight and wisdom to offer anyone who will listen. He also has the research the knowledge to back up his claims. Anyone can feel comfortable listening to the message.

Most Inspiring TED Talks

There are times when life’s events begin to discourage. In times like these, motivation is critical. These inspirational TED Talks are excellent sources of encouragement.

Especially to anyone who feels the weight of the world on their shoulders.

3. “The Power of Introverts”

In the last few years, the subject of introverts has become something like a phenomenon. For so long, introversion was not exactly seen as something powerful. Yet, Susan Cain’s inspiring TED talk says otherwise.

This talk is for the misunderstood introverts in the world who are coming to terms with who they are. Indeed, introverts are more than meets the eye. Often overlooked by their counterparts, they can bring a lot to the table when given a chance.

This talk will shed light on the other half of the population, and bring about understanding. It can help by making introverts and extroverts see others in a way that makes them thankful for the other.

4. “Living Beyond Limits”

The word “limit” conjures images of not being enough. Limitations, in themselves, seem as though someone is lacking. What if everyone could learn to live without feeling hindered?

Amy Purdy paints a beautiful picture of self-acceptance in this motivational talk. She takes the listener through her life story, one that would seem like a life full of limits. Through telling her story, she makes it known that she overcame her obstacles.

Purdy teaches everyone that it doesn’t matter what obstacles life puts in the way. Everyone has the ability to take those things and make themselves stronger. Limits are only in the mind.

5. “Your Elusive Creative Genius”

What is a creative genius? Do someone’s passions have to lean toward the arts to be creative?

Everyone is creating something when they work with their imagination. Some succeed at devising plans to pursue goals, others have a vision for things others don’t. These are forms of creative genius in everyday life.

In this talk, Elizabeth Gilbert breaks down how to grab hold of one’s creativity. Creativity can feel like it’s slipping through one’s fingers. Though, it doesn’t have to be that way, according to Gilbert.

According to this talk, genius isn’t granted to a select few. It’s available to anyone who seeks, who grasps, and who holds on tight.

Motivations and Inspirations

Motivational TED Talks are easy to access and don’t take very long to watch. Inspiration and motivation are basic human needs in a world full of stress. Whenever someone feels their spirits lacking courage, motivational talks are great boosters.

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