Happy New Start!: 5 Tips On Making New Year Resolutions Stick In 2019


A new year means a chance for change! Unfortunately, 80% of people making resolutions fall off the wagon by February. That means, only 20% are sticking to and achieving their goals.

Why so few? We all start out with motivation and desire. So, why does that drive wane before we’ve had time to see results?

It may be in your approach. How you work toward your goal may keep you from attaining it. Preparing to achieve your goal may make all the difference in how successful you are.

Here are some tips to help your 2019 resolutions stick.

5 Tips For Making Resolutions That Stick in 2019

You can achieve your new year’s resolutions! All you need to do is set yourself up to succeed from the start. Here are 5 tips to help you see your resolutions to the end!

1. Write It Down

Your goal needs to feel like a permanent part of your life. Writing it down solidifies your commitment to it!

Put your written goal in several places you see during the day. Each time you walk by, you’ll remember to stay strong. You will strengthen your resolve and be more likely to succeed.

2. Pick Only One

Setting realistic expectations is one way to ensure success. It is not realistic to expect yourself to change more than one thing at a time. 

You need to pick one goal. Focus your energy on creating a path to achieving that goal, first. Once you feel you’ve achieved it, you can pick a new goal to work on. But, we work best with one change at a time.

3. Understand Why You Want It

Why are you trying to achieve this goal? The answer is an important step in actually attaining it! Start by making resolutions you want for the right reasons.

Your why needs to be something that benefits you. Intrinsic motivation is great for getting us up and moving. Think of it as your passion or drive.

These are your inner reasons for doing something. You’ll find those are the ones that keep you going when you want to quit.

4. Keep Track

Achieving your change is all about setting good routines. Sure, you’re going to falter. But, you’ll get back on track, too.

Keeping a log or a journal can help you measure success over time. Keep it simple. You will be more willing to write it down if you keep it brief. Plan to spend no more than 5 minutes logging your progress.

Check out apps to help you keep track of your progress, too.

5. Don’t Quit Over Missteps

Perfection is not the goal. Change is. It takes time to put a new habit in place, and you’ll need to be patient with yourself.

Find motivation to help you keep focused after a misstep. Quotes, images, and wishes at happy new year 2019 can help.

Get back on track! You’re still working toward your goal. Understand that progress forward includes those missteps!

Make Those Resolutions and Stick To Them!

Start making resolutions that you can achieve. Write them down, track them and stay strong when life gets in the way. Before you know it, you’ll have achieved your goal.

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