Keep Your Cool at Work: How to Create a Zen Office Space


There’s nothing more stressful than a Monday morning in the middle of peak season. Don’t dread going into the office, and choose to make your days more positive. Try out a zen office space for a great solution to stress. 

We want to keep you motivated to get you through even the busiest working days. Stay productive with these awesome tricks. Deck out your desk, and keep you sane!

Read on to create your very own zen office.

1. Water Fountains 

The sound of running can do more than make you want to pee. Water sounds have the power to relax you when you are having the most stressful day. It’s all to do with psychology and binaural sounds that calm our brain. 

Also, they make for cute and personal desk decorations. You can choose a zen symbol like a Buddha to remind you to relax, breathe, and let go of the problems. Detachment is healthy and can help you balance stress or perfectionism. 

For anxiety, listening to running water is a great grounding technique. Touch to water to get the cool feeling that’ll bring you back to calmness and reality. Water fountains are more than decor pieces, they’re tools to get you through a difficult or busy day. 

Practice mindfulness to discover yourself and lighten your daily stress.  

2. Deck Zen Office Needs a Zen Garden 

Every zen office needs a zen garden. Zen gardens are like adult coloring books. They force your mind to focus in on one task of raking sand to bring your mind into balance. 

Did you have a meeting that went sour? It happens to the best of us, and it’s important to know that it’s okay. But, there are also some tricks you can do to keep calm. 

Raking sand or re-arranging little items inside lets you blow off steam. You won’t blow up or snap at a neighboring co-worker when they ask you about lunch. You’ll regain your peace to think and recover, good decision-making.

3. Plants

We know that administration jobs can keep us at a desk or on the phone all day long. That’s why bringing personal items can make us feel more comfortable. They enable us to tackle on a full day of tasks.

Adding in a live plant to your office space will give it a little more “umph.” You’ll notice a more positive vibe. Natural colors also produce a psychological calm response.

There are even studies that show that office plants reduce stress! They also work as a natural air purifier, so you’re less at risk of getting sick. Plus, being inside all day can be a drag. 

Bring nature to you, with an indoor zen office plant!  

Finding Peace in a Hectic World 

Finding Peace is more than having a zen office, it’s about you! You’re a precious being, but life doesn’t always make it feel that way. We’re here to remind you of that fact.

We have plenty of hacks for all your stressful work days. Try meditation techniques for decluttering your mind.