Take with Care: 5 Worrying Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

signs of prescription drug abuse

Do you suspect one of your loved ones is addicted to their prescription drugs? This is a serious problem that can cause severe health problems down the line so you need to confirm your suspicions quickly and help them.

There are certain signs and changes in behavior that are red flags for drug abuse. As a close friend or relative, you’ll probably be able to pinpoint these changes faster than anyone else can. Here are 5 signs of prescription drug abuse that will help you confirm your suspicions and stage an intervention before they lose their job, their family, or even worse.

1. Drowsiness

There is “I just worked an 8-hour shift and I’m exhausted sleepy,” and drug abuse sleepy. It might not sound like there is much of a difference but there is.

If someone is tired from working, they sleep but are alert after resting. If someone is abusing drugs they will be drowsy every time you see them, their eyes will droop, and if you work with them you’ll notice them nodding off throughout the day.

2. Drug Seeking Behavior

If someone is abusing drugs they are going to seek pills out on a regular basis. This could mean hopping from doctor to doctor in hopes of getting a prescription. They could also go to several different pharmacies.

An obvious red flag is if they ask you or someone else they know to borrow their prescription drugs.

3. Unhealthy Appearance

They could have an unhealthy appearance like having pinpoint pupils even in the darkest of lighting. Their face and neck will be flushed and going back to drowsiness, their head will probably be drooping.

Sometimes their speech will come out slurred and they will be unusually calm. If they aren’t calm then they could be itching all over.

4. Being Secretive

One of the biggest signs is that they start to push you and everyone else out of their lives. They begin to be secretive, not telling you what they’re doing or where they are going.

When you ask them questions they might become defensive and not give you a straight answer.

5. Inability to Concentrate

Another thing you may notice is that they won’t be able to concentrate. For example, they have to be given multiple instructions at work because they didn’t get it the first, second, or even third time.

They seem like they are gazing off into space and will become defensive when you bring it up. These are just a few of the many signs of pill addiction view here for more signs and solutions.

Telltale Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

Helping a friend through addiction is never an easy process. They can become defensive, and secretive. It’s up to you to notice these key signs of prescription drug abuse so you can get them the help that they need right away.

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