From Hot Air Ballooning to Hiking: 5 Relaxing Activities That Remove Stress

relaxing activities

The average person spends about five hours a day participating in leisure activities. How many hours a day do you spend doing something that relieves your stress?

Stress management is an important factor in your overall health. Here are some relaxing activities to let you relax.

5 Relaxing Activities to Get Rid of Your Stress


Anything that gets you outdoors and gets your blood flowing is good for relieving stress. Hiking might not seem to fit into the category of relaxing activities, but when you get outdoors and get a breath of fresh air, your mental health immediately improves.

Hot Air Ballooning

Here’s something you’ve probably never thought of – going in a hot air balloon. But seeing the world from a fresh perspective can really make you see whatever’s stressing you out in a different light.

Aerogelic Ballooning can give you a relaxing afternoon, especially when you take pictures of your experience. You’ll be anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 feet in the sky, so you’re going to want to capture the moment. When you’re feeling stressed, you can look back on your pictures and remember the view.


You may have heard that yoga is great for relaxation. And yes, you should buy into the hype. One of the main concepts of yoga is to focus on not judging yourself or judging others. This in itself is a relaxing practice, as it draws pressure away from yourself.

It also helps you stretch and relax your muscles, and when your body feels good, your mind tends to feel good also.

Listening to Music

Listening to music is one of the easiest ways to help relieve your stress. When you literally don’t have time to do any other activities that can help you calm down, you can always listen to music.

Take the experience to the next level and be proactive about your own mental health by choosing to go listen to a concert. Live music can be an even better way to help reduce stress.

Organize Yourself

Getting a room organized that needs some cleaning can not only help you clean some physical space, it will also help you clear your headspace.

The actual activity of organizing something can also be cathartic and relax you. Performing menial, simple tasks that actually serve a purpose can be great for your brain. It makes it feel like you are solving something, which is a main way to make your brain feel less stressed.

Become the Best Version of Yourself

Your self-improvement plan should include relaxing activities. But you can also perform a lot of mental activities that train your brain to relax

Stop comparing yourself to other people, practice gratitude daily, and don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes.

Above all, practicing self-love is going to make you feel the best you can. And luckily, self-love can include going on a balloon ride or going hiking.

You might be feeling like you’re too stressed out to do any of these activities. In the end, spending time on yourself is the best way to spend time. Once you take care of yourself, you can take care of others.