Cold Shower vs Hot Shower: Which Has More Health Benefits?

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Did you know Americans shower more frequently than nearly every other people?

Only our hygienic neighbors Mexico and our fellow clean-freak Australians shower more often than us.

Recently, shower lovers around the world have been wondering about the cold shower vs hot shower debate.

On the one hand, eco-trendy types praise the benefits of a cold shower. On the other hand, many people are eager to defend the luxury of a hot shower.

Let’s discover which has the greatest health benefits. Let’s go!

The Benefits of a Cold Shower

So, what are the health benefits of cold showers?

1. Greater Alertness

A cold shower can really wake you up in the morning. The cold water increases our oxygen intake, which increases our heart rate and boosts our energy for the day.

2. Improve Hair and Skin

Throw away your anti-wrinkle cream. All you need is a cold shower. The cold water can allow our skin to maintain the natural oils which keep our skin looking clean and fresh.

3. Less Sick Days

By improving the circulation of blood around your body, you can boost your overall health. Research shows that people who have cold showers have fewer sick days than those which don’t.

4. Helps with Weight Loss

Exposure to cold temperature son a regular basis can allow you to shed the brown fat which sits on your waist and lowers back. It’s reportedly possible to lose up to 9 pounds in a year with cold showers.

5. Reduce Stress and Depression

Nearly 20 percent of Americans suffer from chronic depression, anxiety, and stress. While many of us could use a dose of stress-relieving activities, such as cold showers.

Benefits of a Hot Shower

Now let’s check out the benefits of a hot shower.

1. Relieve Stress

It’s not just cold showers which can relieve stress, but hot showers too. Hot water Canberra says you cold water causes a shock to the system in the morning. It’s hot water that really relaxes your body.

2. Kills Bacteria

Why do we wash things in hot water? It’s because it kills off the bacteria. By showering in hot water you do the same to the bacteria on your skin and hair.

3. Ease Pain

If you’re suffering from bruising or aches, you need a hot shower. By improving the circulation around your body, the water can reduce inflammation and help ease arthritis too.

4. Helps with High Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, you need hot water to make sure you lower your blood pressure. By relaxing your body, you reduce your blood pressure.

5. Improves Sleep

Around 25 percent of Americans suffer from insomnia every year. While there’s no cure, hot showering has been shown to improve your sleep by soothing your body.

Cold Shower vs Hot Shower?

Now you know the health benefits of having a cold and hot shower, you can decide which way you’re going to turn the tap.

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