Top 5 Study Motivation Tips for When You’ve Lost All Focus

study motivation

We get it, studying has the word dying in it for a reason. It’s so boring sometimes that it feels like you’re already dead.

But that doesn’t mean you can not get things done. You have to read and do homework even when you don’t want to.

That’s where these study motivation tricks come in. Make them part of your routine.

The Treat Trick

Back in college, there was this trick everyone was pinning to their Pinterest boards. It would be a picture of an (assumingly boring) textbook.

On each paragraph would be a gummy bear, of a different color. Once you read the paragraph and went to the next one, you got to eat that gummy bear.

For those who don’t want that large of a sugar intake, you can replace it with any small and non-messy snack. People have used individual pieces of popcorn, nuts, dried fruit, even mini M&M’s.

It keeps you going when every word feels like it’s pulling your eyelids closed and begging you to sleep.

Think Better Thoughts

Every time you’re typing or reading and you think, “I hate this,” or, “this is stupid,” you’re wasting brain resources.

Your brain only gets so many thoughts a day. It comes to about 60,000 that we’re aware of. These thoughts are not helping you do what you need to do.

When you catch yourself thinking that, change the end of the sentence. You may start with, “this is stupid,” but finish it with, “but I have the determination to get through it.”

It sounds cheesy, but our brains listen to us! Plus, you should be giving that thought space to what you’re learning.

Turn the Lights Up

Sometimes your brain just needs to wake up a little bit. To do that, open your window shades and turn on the lights around you. Telling your brain that it’s time to wake up may trick you into feeling more awake.

It’s also easier to concentrate on the words when they’re well lit. Turn up the brightness of your computer screen, unless it’s too close to bedtime.

Once it’s bedtime, find some sort of blue light blocker so that the computer light doesn’t throw off your circadian rhythms.

Load Up on Water

When you’re studying or reading, you probably reach for coffee. So do we, we get it. But do you ever feel like coffee is making you more tired?

Without getting too scientific, it can make you feel like that. It dehydrates your body and can make you feel sluggish. Instead of making a big cup of coffee to get through your high school scholarships process, drink ice water instead.

Make yourself some ice water and try to drink a cup of water for every cup of coffee. Your body needs water and it’ll help keep you hydrated and happy while you study, and even tomorrow!

Take a Brain Break

You know how when you’re exercising one muscle at the gym, you give it a break and do another muscle? Well, it’s the same thing with different parts of your brain.

When you’re stuck or bored studying, pop over to a site like Luminosity for a brain game boost. It feels like a game but it actually activates and strengthens your brain.

Bonus Study Motivation

Finally, if nothing above is working, you can go to the extreme. You know that video of Shia LaBeouf yelling “just do it”?

Turn your speakers up. Let him yell study motivation at you until you find yourself getting your project done.

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