The Mental and Physical Benefits of Going Outside and Spending Time by the Water

What are your favorite water activities? Do you enjoy fishing near your local lake? Or do you prefer lounging at the beach?

As humans, we are naturally attracted to water. Our bodies are made of water and water is an essential part of our health. We bathe in water and swim for pleasure.

This is why we desire to live near water — whether our dream is to live on the beach or we’re content with a bathtub in our homes.

But did you know being near water boosts mental and physical benefits? Here are the benefits of going outside and being near the water.


Being near the water is important for those who suffer from anxiety disorders. Even after a stressful day at work, many people choose to drive to the beach and drink a cocktail. The alcohol isn’t the only thing calming your mind.

There’s no science-backed reason for the water’s calming sensation. We all know we feel calm when lying out and looking at the water.

But there are a few things we know. The water invites us to engage in physical activity, such as swimming. Physical activity releases endorphins that relax us.


Being near water makes us all happy. We feel relaxed, content, and in the moment. And these findings are research-backed.

In numerous studies, simply showing people a picture of the ocean increased positive neurochemicals.

Being near the ocean also decreases the heart and breathing rate. This is why many therapists recommend patients with mental disorders spend more time near the water.

Experts also correlate our love for water to our more primal ancestors. Before civilization, humans were on the move. Since water was scarce, humans were relieved to find a body of water.

Fish is a Part of Our Diet

One of the healthiest oceanic activities we can do is fish. Why is that? We rely on many sea creatures in our diet.

Sure, many of us don’t fish; rather, we buy fish from the store or dine at a seafood restaurant. But, fishing is a great way to eat fresh and healthy fish.

Salmon is the king of healthy fish. This fish boosts essential vitamins such as vitamin E and even essential fatty acids such as omega-3. Another commonly caught and eaten fish, grouper, also boosts omega-3.

Even fish that’s deemed as “unhealthy” such as tilapia is healthier than we expected. This fish has vitamin B12, phosphorous and potassium.

So take your fishing boat out and get a good catch. Order a new battery from and stay out all day.

Water Has Myriad Health Benefits

Aside from the physical benefits of swimming and other water activities, water itself has myriad health benefits. Our body needs water to ensure our bodily systems run smoothly.

But even water touching the skin has incredible health benefits.

There’s a reason we bathe in water. Water is a basic moisturizer. Water provides moisture for our skin, hair, and nails. Water also relieves muscle tension and joint pain, which is why our pain melts away in the bath.

Reap the Benefits of Going Outside and Being Near the Water

Whether you live on the lakeside or vacation at the beach, you should be near the water as often as you can. There are many benefits of going outside and being near the water.

We’re relaxed when we see and hear the water. Our diet and health also depend on water.

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