Shakespeare or Not: The Top 10 Benefits of Writing Every Day

benefits of writing

Thinking about starting to write more often?

Do you know about the benefits of writing daily?

Writing every day is a great habit to get into and can influence your life in a lot of positive ways that you might not expect. Writing is not only fun to do but can also positively impact your mind and body, helping you to become a more improved person.

Ready to learn more? Below we’ll look at the top 10 benefits of writing every day.

1. Primes Your Brain For Action

One of the biggest ways that a daily writing practice can benefit you is that it can help prime your brain for action throughout the day. It serves as a mental wake up call.

If you have a lot of mental clutter and mental fatigue, writing down your thoughts daily or doing a stream of consciousness writing can help you clear your mind and get it ready for other important tasks.

If you have a full work day ahead of you or have another project that you’re working on, doing a bit of writing beforehand can warm you up and get your mind ready for action.

2. Brings Your Unconcious to the Surface

Writing every day also helps you connect your unconscious and conscious mind. The act of writing allows you to bring your hidden thoughts forward and place them on the paper in a more concrete way.

Doing some freewriting or other kinds of writing can allow you to get better at verbalizing your thoughts, understanding yourself, and illuminating things in your mind that you didn’t even know were there.

As a result, writing can be a great way to explore your own ideas and feelings and learn more about yourself.

3. You’ll Overcome Writer’s Block

When you start writing every day you’ll also notice that you also get better at overcoming writer’s block. if you’re working as a professional writer or you’re regularly writing as part of your job, then getting into the practice of writing every day can be a big help.

It can allow you to sharpen your ability to get ideas onto paper or onto the screen.

While you may be doing daily writing for fun when it comes time to use your writing skills it can be much easier to get your ideas down because you’ll already be in the practice of writing.

You won’t have an excuse for not writing anything down or being “blocked” because your fingers will have the ability to put your ideas down even if your mind isn’t feeling very sharp.

4. Improves Your Vocabulary

Another big benefit of regular writing is that it allows you to improve your vocabulary. Regularly putting words down allows you to build on your vocabulary and find new ways to say things.

As your brain gets into the process of writing ideas down it will automatically get better at recalling the right word even if it’s a word you don’t regularly use in your daily life. This can be great for expanding your vocabulary and also for maintaining the vocabulary you already have.

5. Helps Relieve Stress

Writing regularly can also help to make you a happier person and relieve stress. The process of writing is great for relaxing the mind and body and can help you feel better about anything that has been weighing you down.

The simple act of writing is therapeutic in itself but can potentially be even better if you start a journal. Believe it or not, there are some great benefits of journaling regularly.

Journaling is often recommended by therapists as a solution for feeling better and overcoming various mental and emotional issues. As a result, writing daily is a great way to help yourself become a happier and more stressfree person.

6. Develops Better Writing Skills

It should be a no-brainer that writing daily will make you better at writing in general. Writers with the best writing ability don’t necessarily have a special inborn ability but simply have years of dedication and great habits behind them.

By writing daily you’ll give yourself the practice you need. You’ll put in the hours it takes to become better at the craft.

Whether you want to get better at writing for your own enjoyment or you’re interested in self-publishing a novel, daily practice is essential and will undoubtedly improve your writing ability over time. By the way, if you want to learn more about self-publishing, you can find out more now.

7. Faster Writing and Typing Ability

In addition to becoming a better writer, writing daily will also help you improve your writing speed. Whether you’re typing everything out when you’re writing or you’re handwriting everything you’ll definitely get a lot faster as time goes by.

The physical act of writing or typing will become easier for you when you write daily. However, you’ll also get better at forming your ideas, crafting them into sentences, and getting those thoughts onto the page.

8. You’ll Be More Employable

People in all types of professions can benefit from being a better writer. Whether you’re typing up thorough reports for your boss, creating marketing materials, or you’re keeping up with your company’s social media profiles or blog, writing daily will help you develop faster and stronger writing skills that will make you better at your job.

The skills you can learn from a daily writing practice can help you perform better when working and may even lead to your next big promotion.

9. Helps You Remember Your Dreams

Writing in the morning right after you wake up can be a great habit to get into. It can be very beneficial to start keeping a dream journal daily, as it’s one of the best ways to remember your dreams.

By writing down what happened during your dreams at night you can get better at remembering your dreams. Some people go one step further with this, and even start learning how to lucid dream as a result.

If you want to get better at dreaming and remembering your dreams more often, you may just want to start keeping a dream journal of your own.

10. Makes You More Creative

While writing is a great skill all on its own it can also be a tool which helps build your creativity for other creative endeavors. Whether you’re trying to be creative at work or you want to create other types of art, writing daily can improve your creative mind.

Writing daily can help you get better with problem-solving at work, for example. It can also allow you to expand your mind and be more creative during every part of your life.

Experiencing These Benefits of Writing

The benefits of writing listed above shouldn’t be ignored. The benefits of writing daily can help improve your life in many ways and can help ensure your mind stays sharp throughout the years.

Consider starting a daily writing habit of your own and you may start experiencing the benefits for yourself.

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