Why You Have to Try Ginseng: 10 Transforming Health Benefits of Ginseng

benefits of ginseng

The demand for ginseng is increasing and for good reason.

Used as a staple in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, ginseng is a fleshy-root plant, similar in shape to a carrot, but with elongated roots. The most popular types are American and Asian ginseng.

Let’s explore the benefits of ginseng and see how this plant can improve your health and well-being.

Potential Side Effects

Before adding ginseng to your lifestyle, there are a few precautions. Always check with your doctor before starting any supplement regimen.

Despite its safety, ginseng may cause:

  • headaches
  • changes in blood sugar
  • diarrhea
  • difficulty sleeping
  • skin reactions

People taking antidepressants must consult their doctor before consuming this root. The interaction between medications and ginseng may cause serious problems.

The Amazing Benefits of Ginseng

There are several ways ginseng can transform your mind and body. If you consider using it, here are 10 benefits to help you decide.

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Increased Immunity

Red ginseng may give a boost to your immune system.

Some studies have shown that people who took ginseng had a shorter duration of the common cold.

Cancer-Fighting Properties

In clinical trials, subjects who took ginseng had a 16 percent less chance of getting certain types of cancers, such as:

  • lung cancer
  • liver cancer
  • skin cancer
  • breast cancer
  • prostate cancer

This root may destroy cancer cells due to its high levels of panaxytriol, a beneficial enzyme.

Greater Energy

Ginseng is rich in phytonutrients and other plant compounds that can naturally boost your energy. At the same time, it wards off fatigue and increases physical endurance.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

People with and without diabetes can keep their blood sugar levels within normal limits by using ginseng. This plant contains natural compounds called ginsenosides that help control insulin production.

Reduced Inflammation

Ginseng may reduce inflammation and boost antioxidant levels in the body.

Enhanced Cognitive Function

A specific type of ginseng called Koren red ginseng may improve cognitive function in children with ADHD. Furthermore, it boosts your learning abilities and keeps your brain sharp until late in life.

Promotes Weight Loss

Ginseng may aid in weight loss due to its ability to increase your metabolism and energy levels.

Improves Erectile Dysfunction

This root can be used as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction. There are compounds in ginseng that have shown to decrease oxidative stress in the blood vessels.

Fights the Flu

Due to its antiviral properties, ginseng fights the influenza virus. Plus, it keeps your immune system strong and enhances your body’s natural defenses.

Reduces Stress

Ginseng is an adaptogenic plant, meaning it helps your body fight stress and decreases the stress hormone cortisol. It can be administered to patients suffering from anxiety and depression as well.

How to Take Ginseng

Depending on your preferences, you can steam ginseng or eat it raw. Use this root to dress up dishes like stir-fry or soups.

Another option is to make ginseng tea by steeping this plant in hot water.

This plant is also available in supplement form, such as capsules, powder, or oil.

Harness the Healing Power of Ginseng

The benefits of ginseng cannot be ignored. This healing plant has been around for centuries, leading to better health and well-being. Try it yourself – it could change your life!

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