How to Dress Confidently: Top 10 Tips You Need to Know

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How often do you stand in front of the closet in the morning staring at your clothes and trying to pick an outfit for the day? Choosing what to wear may seem like a simple task, but it will impact the way you interact with everyone else the whole day. What can you do if you aren’t a confident dresser?

Learning how to dress with confidence can seem like a challenge, but it comes down to a few simple tips. Read on to discover ten tips for dressing more confidently.

Love the Skin You’re In

The first, biggest secret to dressing with confidence is to be confident in your body. The people who look the best are the people who believe they look good. So although it may be easier said than done, it’s important to love the skin you’re in.

Remember, the models you see in media don’t even look like those pictures in real life. Photoshop wipes away any perceived imperfections, leaving an unattainable beauty goal. The fact is, those pictures tell lies about what beauty is.

In reality, beauty comes in all shapes, shades, and sizes. Rather than focusing on the things you wish you could change about your body, focus on the great things – maybe you love your smile, or maybe you have great hair. Whatever it is you like, focus in on that, and soon you’ll find it easier to see more and more beauty in your body.

You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

On the subject of smiles, remember, the best accessory to any outfit is a smile. It makes you more approachable, it makes you feel more confident, and it makes others feel great around you, too. People are drawn to people who make them feel liked, and a smile is the quickest way to do that.

You do want to make sure nothing is interfering with your gorgeous smile. If you’re wearing lipstick, make sure it isn’t on your teeth. Likewise, check after every meal to make sure you don’t have any lingering remnants hanging around.

It may seem like an odd way to approach dressing with confidence, but sporting a dazzling smile will make you feel more confident, which will make you look more confident. The fact of the matter is confidence is a fake it till you make it thing. Even if you’re not sure about an outfit choice, a bright smile will have the whole world wondering what you know that they don’t (spoiler alert: it’s that you’re awesome).

Show Off Your Assets

If you have a particular feature you like, you’ll want to play to your strengths. Not only will this help you find flattering outfits, it will also make you feel more confident in them. It can also help you establish a personal style or aesthetic.

If you like your waistline, wear clothes that are tailored a little tighter in that area. If you love the color of your eyes, wear colors that bring them out. If you love how tall or petite you are, wear clothes that accentuate your height.

The more you play up your assets, the more confident you’ll feel. You’ll start to see more and more great things about your body, which goes back to Tip #1. That will carry through to your outfit, which will already look awesome on you.

Build Off Previous Success

When you’re trying to pick outfits that will make you feel confident, you should remember previous outfits you’ve worn. Was there one in particular that made you feel amazing? If so, you may want to take that as inspiration in planning other outfits.

Maybe you wore a pair of shorts that made your legs look awesome. Maybe you have a shirt that hangs perfectly on your frame. There could even be a certain color that makes you look and feel amazing every time you wear it.

Whatever your perfect outfit was, take a close look at it and try to pick out similar pieces in the future. If a piece hangs a certain way or has a certain neckline or the like, you’ll want to use that to your advantage later. And remember, there’s nothing wrong with going back to a classic every now and then.

Dress Comfortable

One of the biggest factors in dressing with confidence is wearing clothes you feel comfortable in. This doesn’t only mean clothes that you’re confident wearing – though that does apply. This also means clothes that don’t cause you physical discomfort.

An outfit can look like it just came off of the runways in Paris, but if it’s a pain to wear, it won’t be a good look. If you’re having to tug straps or seams back into place, or pull pants back up all the time, the stylishness of the outfit won’t matter. Nothing ruins a look faster than you having to fidget with it all the time.

Wear clothes that are comfortable to have on as much as possible. Part of this means having clothes that fit, so do your best to buy clothes that fit you well. Walk around, sit down, stand up, and bend over when trying clothes on to make sure they won’t become a problem in later situations.

Dress to the Occasion

While it is important to dress comfortably, it is also imperative that you consider the occasion for which you’re dressing. It won’t come as a surprise that different situations require different dress codes. What may surprise you is how much being dressed inappropriately can strip your confidence.

If the occasion you’re dressing for is unfamiliar, do some research. Try to figure out the usual dress code for this situation. If you’re still unsure, a good rule of thumb is to dress one level nicer than you think the occasion demands.

It’s always better to be slightly overdressed than slightly underdressed. That being said, don’t go wild with it. If you show up to a date night in full on evening formal, chances are you’ll spend the date feeling somewhat foolish.

Get Some Shades

Remember what we talked about earlier about confidence being a fake it till you make it deal? Well we have a secret for you.

Sunglasses are one of the best ways to fake confidence.

As anyone who has ever seen an action movie can attest, sunglasses carry with them a hint of inherent coolness. They project a confidence and suave you may not feel. Even if you don’t, don’t let on; let your sunglasses help you play it cool.

Of course, as with the rest of these tips, you have to keep the occasion in mind. If you’re going to a formal wedding, showing up in a pair of aviators may not be the best idea. But wherever possible, keep a little mystique and a lot of confidence with your favorite pair of shades.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Part of dressing with confidence is confidently trying new things. You never know how something will look until you give it a try. All the greatest clothing trends have started with someone daring to do something different with an outfit.

Try spicing up an old classic outfit with an off-the-wall accessory (view here for some excellent ideas). Try pairing up two favorite pieces that you didn’t think would go together. Pick up a piece in a color you never would have considered wearing and give it a whirl.

You can expect that some of the things you try may not work out. And it is helpful to take inspiration from fashion magazines, trendsetters, and the like. But don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something you never thought would work on you – you might be surprised.

Find Your Colors

A great way to make sure that any outfit looks amazing on you is to figure out what colors look best on you. The more comfortable you get with those colors, the more confident you can be that they’re showing you off in your best light. Plus, this will help build your personal style.

Colors that work on you will be determined by a few things. The biggest of these are skin tone and hair color. Your color preferences should also be taken into consideration – you may look amazing in pink but hate the color itself.

Trying to figure out what colors work on you can be a bit of a tricky process. While you can certainly do it by trial and error, you may prefer to use a quiz or other online aides. You can also ask an assistant at a nicer clothing store to help you find a good color palette.

Perfect the Walk

Once you have the colors, the cuts, the shades, and the occasion sorted out, there’s one final step you can take to dress with confidence. And we do mean a step. Perfecting a confident walk can be the key to rocking an outfit.

You’ll want to make sure your posture is good when you get ready to move – back straight, shoulders down and back, arms and hands relaxed. Make sure your chin is up, but not so much so that you seem to be looking at the sky. Look confident, put on your best smile, and walk like you are about to deliver the news that you have single-handedly saved the planet.

There’s some truth to the phrase, “You have to walk the walk.” Walking with confidence can take an outfit from something you and others aren’t sure about to something that turns heads. Act like you’re the most amazing person in the street, and you’ll look like you are.

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